INNOVATION@ PAN AND BILL We believe that human ingenuity and technology hold the key to deliver sustainable energy needed today and in the future. We have been a technology pioneer for over 20 years. Bright ideas from our people and partners have resulted in some groundbreaking innovations. These are not always immediately visible to the public: some are in wells underground, for example, and others are in oceans. But they all contribute to improving our industry and helping to meet our customers’ needs.



People and organisation

We have many technical and engineering staff worldwide. Our global network of technical centres located close to our main markets and our production sites drive forward the innovation needed to meet future energy challenges.

Around 10% of our technical staff conduct research and development at our technology centres across the world. Their knowledge and creativity help us to meet the world’s growing need for energy in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Working with others

No single company can develop all the innovation needed to meet the world’s growing demand for energy, with less environmental impact. We work closely with industry partners and recognised experts outside our industry to spark new ideas, share knowledge and speed the development of new concepts.

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